20 years of professionalism in Executive Search
and Recruitment in the Belgian market.

Our consultants have the reputation of being highly competent, with a unique passion for what they do.

Getting to know our clients

By meeting a company and its management before we start to work together, we gain a clearer understanding of the company. We can get to know what it really stands for and what its current and future policies are. We can also familiarise ourselves with its structure and organisation, its plans and objectives, its management style and corporate culture.

The next steps

We now produce a job vacancy review. This outlines tasks and responsibilities, objectives, communications and any problems which need to be overcome.

Based on this, we establish a professional profile which details skills and abilities, and a personal profile which identifies desirable qualities and undesirable weaknesses. This profile sets the benchmark for the search.

The following step is to attract the interest of candidates for the position, contact them and interview them. Our role is to assess their motivation, uncover any obstacles to them accepting the post, so that we can let our client know. We never try to take over from our clients when they are negotiating with their chosen candidate, but we are always ready to help them whenever they ask for it.

In-depth knowledge that ensures the best deal for you

We can advise you about the appropriate remuneration package for any given candidate because we have in-depth knowledge of the market and the competition. Thanks to our list of candidates we can expand the number of suitable applicants for any particular job because, in many cases, these candidates know other people who may fit the target profile.

Our methodology and timing

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Search Reporting Clients meets
suitable candidates
Follow up
(3 months)
(6-12 months)
Day 1 Week 3 Week 8

Job description
Company description, mission, culture
Business environment

Customized approach
  • Experienced, business-minded consultants
  • One consultant per assignment
Predefined timing of process
Customized approach
  • Compact, efficient organisation
  • Dedicated professional researchers
  • Database constantly updated
  • Multiple job sites
  • International network
Predefined timing of process
Customized approach
  • Uniquely transparent collaboration and communication
  • Client interactivity
Predefined timing of process
Customized approach
  • High quality candidates
  • Guaranteed search until successful
Predefined timing of process

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